Christine Quinn Photo/Video

Photo/Video @thechristinequinn and @itslademi

@thechristinequinn and @itslademi

Christine QuinnChristine QuinnChristine QuinnChristine QuinnChristine QuinnChristine Quinn

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  1. This makes me sad these girls are beautiful and it’s just never good enough 😞

  2. it’s their business if they want to photoshop themselves(?)mind YOUR business

  3. But honestly we all know from personal experience that some people look bad videos and photos -im one of those people, i look so much better in real life than in video or photos , honestly people tell me all the time that i look better in real life so sometimes i edit my photos a little , so i think it’s okay

  4. And i also know alot lf people who are stunnig in real life but look seriously bad in photos

  5. Why do these people think looking healthy is a bad thing? Why do they have to edit it and make themselves look starved? Like you do not have chest and butt like that without a wide hip, its absolutely normal and pretty

  6. Imagine if we didn’t have photoshop and filters? Maybe natural looks would be embraced and women all over the world would not feel like they are eternally flawed. I don’t think that most images used in campaigns are even attainable. No wonder we have grown up to hate our bodies and spent a fortune on makeup to look like we do not pores.

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