Emily Feld Model

Emily Feld

A truly iconic shot of Emily.

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  4. The Will of God is much more than a future plan God has laid out for you. It’s more than His hopes and dreams for you. His Will is your path to holiness and it is a source of the greatest consolation and joy. His Will is both active and passive (permissive). It’s active in that He has definite plans for you and calls you to discern those plans and embrace them. It’s passive in that He will permit certain evils to befall you as a result of your own sins and those of the whole world. Do not fear when God permits some evil or some suffering to come your way. Jesus Himself is the perfect example of one who experienced the effects of the permissive Will of the Father. Do not be surprised or scandalized by what God permits. His passive and permissive Will invites you to trust in Him in all things and allows you to grow in faith and trust of Him no matter what your future holds. Do not be afraid of that which God permits. (See Diary #541)…⚜️🇻🇦🕊️AMDG💛✨

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