Kylie Jenner Hot In Knitted Bikini With Flowers

Kylie, don’t hide under your hat, we know it’s you. Over the past couple of months, the younger of the Jenner sisters has noticeably lost weight, looked prettier and generally blossomed. So much so that even the star’s swimsuit “bloomed”. Check out the beauty’s new knitted bikini: very romantic, don’t you agree? A dozen voluminous roses with pearls adorn the bodice and underpants, shine in the sun and delight the eye.

Anastasia Karanikolaou

The bikini looks as neat as if it was personally knitted by Grandma Jenner. Complementing the outfit with a body chain and bracelets, Kylie further fueled interest in her image, and at the same time broke a couple of hundred more hearts of her new fans.

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