Kylie Kristen Jenner – Then & Now

Then and Now @kyliejenner

Then and Now

Kylie JennerKylie JennerKylie Jenner

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  1. She was gorgeous. Notice how she slightly smiles in that picture from 2013. Today she can barely smile because of the lip-fillers. Sad

  2. Before she looked pretty and feminine… now looking at her barely even registers as a female form. Strange and unnatural looking. So imbalanced. Science shows that beauty is in symmetry, so why do people continue to get surgeries that completely throw off the symmetry of their entire body???

  3. The worst part about it is the fact she doesn’t admit to what she’s had done and struts around like it’s natural! If you have something done with a big amount of following I feel like you should admit it you’re making young girls feel unattractive for having a normal body!! I’ve heard many stories about her being vile and rude to fans she’s stuck up when you don’t even look like that without all that surgery she looks like a different person

  4. How slim she was! 👏🏻
    Why did she turn herself into a sow? How dumb and tasteless she has become🤮

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